Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hotlink Maxis,one of the most popular prepaid line in the telecommunication market in Malaysia.I guess lots of us are using and familiar with Hotlink.Okay,first let me explain about what's the different of Maxis Mobile and Maxis Hotlink.

For hotlink:
1. No deposit required
2. No monthly access fee
3. No other monthly charges
4. No connection fee
5. No monthly bill / itemised bills
6. No supporting documents required
7. Exclusive hotline number - Dial 122
8. FREE balance retrieval by pressing *122# followed by the "Call" button
9. Great value added service

Maxis is commonly started with the number 012/017.Though I'm quite confuse about the strategy of Maxis and the competitors using that to maintain their number but change to the other company line service but 012 or 017 is well-known as maxis users.

As a hotlink user myself,though every months the amount that I contribute to the company can enable me to use the maxis mobile(post paid),but I m still not very sure why I am still using hotlink.May be I can talk about this next time.

Friends,any comments to improve my blog are welcomes.Come and share your view ya!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hi everybody,as this is my first time 'blogging',I hope you all won't feel sleepy reading this.Before start to talk about the topic,a brief introduction about myself,Lai Kian Yoong,you can call me Ken also(easier to remember).Major in marketing,personality a bit weird,so it's what unique about me.
For the hotlink maxis,I don't know what do you all think about,but for me,I just stick to it though there are always some cheaper rate offered by other company.What's so unique about it making me stick to it?That will be what I m going to write next.Hope enjoy this.=)