Sunday, March 15, 2009


Like the competitor,Hotlink has something for the users as they will be enjoy a lower rate as 15 cents/minutes for call and 1 cent/sms.This is limited to 10 Hotlink/Maxis number which increased from the number of 5 numbers before this.

With or without comparing to other networks,Activ10 undeniable is something benefit to the users.

As the competitors also have the same kind of promotion like Activ10,I will talk about something that added value for Hotlink on the next post.

Hotlink Plan

Think I am behind for a few posts,so let us come back with the Hotlink plan.For Hotlink there will be 33 cents/minute for call,7 cents/sms,and 25 cents/mms to Hotlink & Maxis.

For other networks there will be 35 cents /minute for call,15 cents/sms and 50 cents/mms.

For internet,there will be 0.5 cent/kb while off peak and 1 cent/kb for the peak rate.

Currently what can we see from the advertisement,hotlink are came out with an promotion that if top up RM30 and above, we will automatically "enjoy" the flat rate of 33 cents/minutes to all networks.

Actually this plan is a bit expensive and not good because as you call to the Hotlink/Maxis,you are calling with a higher rate.So,that is the weakness of Maxis compared to the other networks.

Anyway,let us wait and see what plan that will benefit to Hotlink/Maxis users as they being compete by the other networks toughly.As there are many new networks coming in to the industry,that is interesting to see how Maxis going to do as a leader in this industry.

And there is also flat rate 36/mins nationwide,so that is so cool!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


As I m not talking much about the Maxis company,now just have a brief talk about the company.
Maxis Communications Berhad was started in the year 1995,as they are beginning with the 012,and in 2002,they purchased the rival mobile service provider TimeCell and then adding the number of TimeCell 017.
But now there is confusion about what the number people calling is from what telecommunication company right?Okay,as we know Maxis now don't advertise or do the marketing to reach the market as frequent as the competitors especially the one in Yellow,but there are some advantages that in Maxis hand.
I am wondering what they are thinking as seeing the competitors having so much marketing strategies to skim the market but they still so quiet.
I think one of the strength is their 3G,do you agree?
Okay,until here for this post as I will discuss more about Maxis 3G in the next posts!