Friday, May 1, 2009

Hotlink Ads~

Here share 2 of the advertisement with you all,Have fun!

Feeling about Maxis Hotlink

For me,though sometimes other operators comes out with different kind of packages and prices,it won't affect my loyal to Maxis hotlink as some of the packages won't last long or Maxis Hotlink will soon come out more better plan.

As what I personally experiences "most" of the people doing business are using maxis.There are also some move that makes me stick to hotlink.

With Maxis that well-known for the 1st in communication industry,there is a confident for the users to use that.Moreover,with the 3G advantages that obviously own by Maxis,there is a future for using Maxis.

Lastly as I am not that type of people that changing the operators always,Hotlink Maxis still look good for me and so far I m very happy using Hotlink Maxis.Changing to other operators that only attract us to switch and we won't get the benefit for long,why don't we stay Maxis?Still not a maxis users?Come on,don't hesitate to join Maxis big family~

Maxis iPhone 3G

Finally,Malaysia get the iPhone 3G by Maxis!By this move,it will boost the maxis sales as well as iPhone have been waiting for a long time for all the Malaysian.

There are many features of the iPhone and with one of the slogan "Internet is in your pocket", we can know that iPhone is good for internet use and with the Maxis 3G,that is a very good partnership between them.

There are plan designed for the iPhone users,so this is what the maxis hotlink have than others!Interested for the plans?Kindly log on to:

Other than that,with 3G and so many applications,technology lovers sure can't miss it out~

It comes the images of fast,high technology and convenience to the customers,I also feel like want to have 1 now!

Hotlink Supersavers Useful?

For sms supersavers,50 sms,that will be charged RM1 but this is valid on the date of purchase been made,6am to 6pm only.That means each sms will be 5cent.

For talk supersavers, 30 mins will be charged RM3 after midnight(12.00am) ,RM2(after 2.00am) and RM1 (after 5.00am) as that is valid from 12.30am to 8.00am of the date of purchase been made.

For 60 mins there will be charged RM 6 after midnight(12.00am),RM3(after 2.00am) and RM2(after 5.00am) as the time is also valid from 12.30am to 8.00am of the date of purchase been made.

Although that seems like not useful for most of us,but if you really need to call that time,this is really save a lot for us.This is useful for those midnight workers,or if you woke up early to have a call,that is so useful as 30 mins or 60mins is not long.

As having this more than other competitors,this can be said a gift for hotlink users.If they fully utilize it,they will save the money and if they don't,it won't affected them as well,so this is something good for hotlink maxis and the users!

Hotlink Reward

Reward is one of the important factor to attract or retain the current customers.For hotlink,there are rewards for the users as well especially those who use for many years.

Other than birthday of the users,the users also can get surprises for the anniversary of the day they signed up.Other than that,there is weekly special as well for the users,for instance there can buy the games at a very low price than normal day.