Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeling about Maxis Hotlink

For me,though sometimes other operators comes out with different kind of packages and prices,it won't affect my loyal to Maxis hotlink as some of the packages won't last long or Maxis Hotlink will soon come out more better plan.

As what I personally experiences "most" of the people doing business are using maxis.There are also some move that makes me stick to hotlink.

With Maxis that well-known for the 1st in communication industry,there is a confident for the users to use that.Moreover,with the 3G advantages that obviously own by Maxis,there is a future for using Maxis.

Lastly as I am not that type of people that changing the operators always,Hotlink Maxis still look good for me and so far I m very happy using Hotlink Maxis.Changing to other operators that only attract us to switch and we won't get the benefit for long,why don't we stay Maxis?Still not a maxis users?Come on,don't hesitate to join Maxis big family~

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