Monday, April 27, 2009

Hotlink Gifts

There are lots of hotlink gifts will be given.As what I heard from friends,it will be sending more if the longest you never top up your balance.Don't know it is real or not,but that is good for attracting customers.

Many gifts like KFC voucher,birthday gift and many more will be given and that is what's so interesting.

Few days ago,I received a birthday gift from hotlink,which is free calling to any numbers of maxis for the whole day on my birthday. That is so cool that makes me save a lot of money.

As we can see how they reward the users,on the birthday,there will be normally going out for celebrate,and that is so good that you calling your friends or family to see where to meet and talk to them as well.

From that we can see concerning and knowing what customers want,the customers will stay faithfully for it.


  1. hey, nowadays that Digi, Maxis and Celcom doing promotional aggressively outside our campus. I would suggest you compare call rate between these 3 companies so that we can know which one is the cheapest. I think it will be a useful information for us. you can do it with the Digi blog

  2. I love hotlink! Hotlink rocks! Btw, ur blogs are really "Reeeeedddddddd". lolz... The color is very bold. i think if u can change to a lighter red it would be better. but overall i like your blog.