Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow...Finally what I m waiting for long time do happened!Here it comes with a reply to the competitors!From what information I get from the Promoters which have roadshow at our University Campus,that is a new plan which is design for the youth(Students) which I think similiar like the competitors package "DG" campus.I decide not do register at the first time with some hesitation about the new plan but I took a flyers home.

Surprisingly,it caught my attentions which have the rate that can be compete with the competitors or which I feel better!With a rate 12cent/min calling to maxis and 15 cent calling to other operators.For sms,it is 1 cent to maxis and 5cent per sms to other operators.

The calling rates are the same in or outside campus are and that is better than others that which only restricted to have the lower rate at the campus area only.

This is a clever strategy that attract the youth which will be the large age group that will be using the services in the coming years.

Regretably to tell that this plan is only can be register when you can show your STUDENT ID and this can be last for 4 years.No doubt this will be a good marketing strategy in this situation.

Lastly,honestly I cant stop myself to introduce this to my friends that using hotlink also.Anyway,those who are using other operators are welcome to join as this promotion valid until the end of April only if not mistaken.Please go for the hotlink roadshow and the participated dealers.So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!GOGOGO!!!

Refer to this if you have any doubt bout the plan.Have fun!


  1. Go Hotlink.!! I'm a hotlink supporter too. Haha

  2. i am also just register!
    it is really cool.
    thx hotlink for understanding student economic...kakakka

  3. nowadays hotlink is very active in the events and promoting new stuff. but, in my opinion, most users like hotlink. But,can you give me some weakness and benefits of using this hotlink?

  4. wow!! so cheap! i'm tempted since im not the hotlink user i shud consider this..